Welcome Parents!

About Mixies World


Thanks for checking in with us!  Here at mixies World, we're parents too, and we know that you want the facts, and to know that your child is safe playing our game.   So let us tell you, briefly, a little bit about our company and our game.

Mixies World grew out of our original business "Genetipetz" that we founded in 2012 via KickstarterFunded on KickStarter  Back then, we wanted to create the coolest plush toys where kids could combine several animals into their very own unique mixed up stuffed animal.  Fast forward, and we are taking that original idea into the digital world with mixies World. 

In Mixies World, you adopt one of our standard mixies and then play games and explore different parts of the World to collect peppermints that can be exchanged for various game items and to unlock the DNA for new animals.  As you care for your mixies and earn more peppermints, you can create new "Mixies" pets and even order them as one-of-kind custom plush toys.

The coolest part of creating Mixies online is that you now can bring your Mixies home as a one-of-kind stuffed animal through our manufacturing partner, Budsies.

In mixedUPPETS World, you can also become a member and unlock new areas, additional fun features, and receive your very own plush mixedUPPET to hug and squeeze right at home!  Memberships make great gifts and provide kids with a safe and fun environment to play with friends, unlock their imagination and learn valuable skills through puzzles and games that tap into all sorts of positive emotions and areas of the brain!

We believe that learning, playing and creating are all interconnected.  In mixies World, your child's imagination will grow, they will practice math and strategy skills, they will come to understand that the diversity of our planet's animals matters, and they will learn how to be good digital citizens.

Thanks for supporting us and for giving your child an opportunity to explore their own creativity through mixies World.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Online Safety Tips

We have set out to create a safe place for your child on the Internet here in mixies World. If this is your child's first time playing a virtual game, then we highly recommend that you go over the following tips to help keep them safe and for them to know that you are always available if they encounter anything uncomfortable.

TIP 1: Never share personal information online. This includes your real name, age, address, phone number and school.

TIP 2: Never share your password with anyone, except your parents.

TIP 3: If someone makes you feel uncomfortable online, tell your parent or an adult you know immediately.

TIP 4: Play fair.  Follow the rules and be honest with other players - but do not share personal information.